Thursday, November 08, 2007

nigella fix

Nigella Lawson is one of the few reasons I watch anything on the food network anymore. However, I usually don't get up early enough to catch her show. Why can't she be like Rachael and Emeril and be on 24-7 (it seems, geez)? Anyway, I found this video on Borders' website. It seems to plug new books, celebrity chefs will do this half hour show for Borders. Here is Nigella's. Kinda "eh" on the entertainment scale, but I have enough of a girl crush on Nigella to make it watchable. The pasta looks pretty good, and the peanut butter fudge sauce has got to be awesome.


ljc said...

Are you watching Nigella's new show... Nigella Express?

ironstef said...

ljc-I try, but it's on at 9:30 am on Sundays, when I'm usually still asleep. And if I'm not asleep I'm usually headed somewhere. The book she's promoting in the video I linked is her express book. I'll have to check out the book, I think, though a couple of those recipes seem a little too Rachael-esque (Blasphemy!).