Friday, March 22, 2019

March 22 - stuff to read, cook, consume

Hi! I'm a week behind in posting, but... I had a "milestone" birthday and things got kinda hectic. In a good way. Here are some links and pretties for your reading/viewing/drooling pleasure!

Adding to Wishlist

Of course I need this book. And I will have it someday. Until then, this Brainpickings post has many of the illustrations. 

100 Years of Restaurant Menu Design!


It’s the Year of the Pig. Is it also the year fake pork takes off in China?

It's that time of year! Food 52's The Piglet, an annual cookbook tournament. Here is a recap of round one, but I am working on reading all the reviews/individual battles. I am going to end up wanting all of these cookbooks, I'm sure.


Spring has sprung, and my recipe wanderings are gravitating towards fresh, bright flavors. These particularly caught my eye... after a long rough winter, these seem like they will bring sunshine to the table.

Slow-Roasted Salmon with Fennel and Chiles

A Spinach Soup Fir For a Cleanse - Yes, I'm serious this sounds awesome, and Samin Nosrat wrote it so it's gotta be good.

Cauliflower Shawarma Wraps with Green Tahini and Feta

Red Cabbage Wedge Salad  Guys, I love a wedge salad, what can I say?


Stunning and I mean STUNNING pies and tarts by Lauren Ko. Gorgeous.




I've been following him for quite awhile. His food tablescapes are beautiful and drool-worthy. I want to eat like that all the time! Something to strive for?



Eating (& drinking)

Since my last post, I turned 40. I had a magnificent week of friends, family, live music, food, drinks to celebrate. Too much to picture here, but maybe I'll do a post later reflecting on 40, but for now, here's my birthday Nduja pizza, egg added, from Pastaria. One of the best pies in town. 

It's Fish Fry season! I grew up catholic, so going to fish fries during lent is nostalgic for me. My husband and I went to our favorite one, Our Lady of Guadelupe, for our first one this year. They serve a mexican spin on the classics. Fish tacos, nopales salad, ceviche tostadas, hush puppies. There are always talented kids in colorful dresses showing off their dancing skills, too.

We went out for cocktails at Reeds American Table, and learned that brown butter-washed rum is a thing and holy shit it's ambrosial. The bartender explained that you simply put brown butter into rum, freeze it, all the fat solidifies at the top and you just take it off (and maybe use it in cooking), and the nutty, rich flavor of the brown butter is infused into the sweet, spicy rum. It's like drinking a Biscoff cookie. Plus, right now, all the cocktail names are Princess Bride themed. What's not to love? 

The "Tweasure Your Wuv" - brown butter washed El Dorado Dark rum, Big O ginger liqeuer,  lemon, mango peach preserves, Peychauds. AS YOU WISH!

That's it for this installment. I mean, I ate and cooked and read a bunch more delicious and interesting things, but, I'm behind, so. Here's a picture of my cat with my birthday balloons.

Friday, March 01, 2019

March 1: stuff and things and a concert


I'm turning 40 next week. To celebrate, my sneaky and amazing husband organized a concert with all my favorite local musicians in one place! And everyone is invited. That means you! Please come and enjoy the best St. Louis music! Here is the Facebook event page.


How Winemakers are dealing with/preparing for climate change

Joe Beef's sobriety

How Netflix became the new food network

A very interesting tidbit about Filipino desserts: They utilize a lot of egg yolks, because they built churches with egg whites!


We attended this Type Hike Arch poster show last week, where 60 designers made posters celebrating the St. Louis Arch's being named the 60th National Park. There are so many I want to buy! Very cool perspectives. Here are a few of my favorites:

 James Campbell

Matthew Marchini 

 Simón Lam 

Tyler Gross 


Food Typography. Check out my pinterest board! 

Have a great weekend everyone! See you at my birthday concert!