Monday, January 02, 2017

happy new year!

Happy New Year, friends! I know 2016 was a pretty dismal year for the world in general. In that respect I am glad to put it behind us. Personally, though, 2016 had some good things in store for me... not the least of which happened on Christmas Eve. If you didn't spot it the first time, look closer at the photo of scrummy eggs above. Yep... Joel and I are engaged! He surprised me with the help of our favorite brunch spot, Three Flags Tavern. We are good friends with the owners, so when the waitress said the kitchen was sending something out, I didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. I saw the ring immediately. What a perfect proposal! Eggs Jeanette was chef John's idea, to ensure that 1) the ring would be visible and I wouldn't accidentally eat it and 2) the ring wouldn't get sticky gooey yolk all over it. None of them knew I had actually made this dish before and blogged about it, way back in 2008. Check out the first line of the last paragraph in that post:

Whoa. Fate, much?! So, yeah. 2016 was a love-filled year for me. (Also, travel-filled, casserole-filled, friend-filled, hug-filled, family-filled, laughter-filled...) 

Cheers/Good riddance to 2016!
So what does 2017 have in store? While I am legitimately frightened of the political climate of the next 4 years, I am also looking forward to making the best of life. We can do things to make our lives and the world better, even if they are little things. Here are some of my food resolutions for 2017 (and beyond, hopefully):

   -no more disposable coffee cups
   -remember my reusable bags when I shop
   -make more stocks to use meat and vegetable scraps
   -use re-usable bowl covers instead of foil/plastic
   -eat (or play Chopped! and re-invent) all the leftovers
   -plan meals ahead
   -keep kitchen organized

   -I love the library...I need to take advantage of it more
   -social media has ruined my attention span. Must focus!
   -maybe even write about books on here once a month?

   -I know everyone says this
   -Less booze, less carbs, less eating out
   -more veggies, more home-cooked meals
   -move more
   -plan meals ahead

Tell me about your food resolutions. Also, what food books should I read?

Let's do this, 2017!