Wednesday, July 05, 2006

well read, well fed (installment 3)

well read, well fed; installment three

Last week 3 food related books that I had put on hold at the library came in on the same day. I won't get around to reading them anytime soon, especially since the day before I went and bought Anthony Bourdain's "Nasty Bits" and plan on starting on that tonight. So, for my memory and in case you're interested, here are 3 food books that I hope to read in the near future:

The Art of Eating by M.F.K. Fisher. This is an impressive volume. If I start reading it and find I like it (which is a distinct possibility, seeing as Fischer is well-known as one of the best-ever food writers), it might warrant a purchase.

Coming Home to Eat by Gary Paul Nabham.

Last Chance to Eat by Gina Mallet.This book was mentioned in the interview with Bourdain I linked to a few posts back.

Meanwhile, over the weekend I made a visit to the thrift store, and happened upon 14,000 things to be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer. I thought I'd share some of her food/food-related "things":

-Long-stemmed glasses
-goat cheese
-gravy boats
-tea bag tags
-reading menus
-taking a food-and-drink dictionary to a retaraunt
-breakfast on the porch
-cucumber sandwiches sliced like a dream, brown boiled eggs, strawberry ice, lemondade
-sweet basil=good wishes
-pistachio nuts
-pizza bricks
-fresh and tangy lime
-balls of real butter
-pasta with pruscuitto and peas
-Mr. Magoo's Chinese cook, Charley
-The refrigerator egg holder
-meringues that melt in the mouth
-wienie roasts
-wild Maine blueberries heaped onto a crust and topped with whipped cream
-soup spoons

happy yet? hungry? :)

obsessed much?

I'm almost done with Anthony Bourdain's Nasty Bits. I should have finished a long time ago, but I think I'm really putting it off because I love it so much I don't want it to end!

At least I can get more Anthony from all the interviews he's doing. Here's two really good ones:

Interview with Powell's Books.

Interview with Salon. you have to watch a Honda commercial to read the whole thing, but Tony's well worth it. Here's a little blurb to convince you:

Salon:You've said that the U.S. should open the borders to let more workers from countries to the south of us get work and populate the kitchens.


S:Am I getting that right?

A:Ooh, I got a lot of mail over that. Listen, in 25 years, I don't remember ever seeing an American-born kid of any income level walk into my restaurant, or any restaurant owned by any of my friends, and ask, Do you have a dishwasher job, or a prep job, or a job for a kitchen porter? We're not willing to do it. If somebody else wants to come over here and do it, that's fine with me.

And yeah, I think we should open our borders, for a variety of reasons. First of all, we've got plenty of work for people, apparently. People say "they're taking our jobs" -- well, no one's asking for those jobs.

I also like the idea of people from other places coming to our country and multiplying. It makes for better food, higher expectations, more diversity and cuter people. Foreigners should come to our country and have sex with our womenfolk.

S:Hey, why can't they come have sex with our menfolk?

A:That, too!