Sunday, February 12, 2006

rachael ray drinking game

Hilarious! I'm so doing this.

The part about taking an extra drink when one of her cutesy made-up abbreviations is followed by an explaination of what it means...brilliant. It always drives me nuts when she does the "EVOO...(extra vergin olive oil)" thing. Whay not just say "Extra virgin olive oil"?!?!?

But I think one needs to be added for the dramatic "OMG this food is sex" eye roll when she's tasting something.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ruby Reuben

Last night I got a little creative with dinner. I had some German dark wheat bread...that's what the package's pumpernickle, basically. I got some turkey pastrami from the deli as well as some Lorraine swiss. So I have to make a Reuben, right? Only I don't really like Thousand Island I used spicy mustard intead. The "creative" part was, I also didn't feel like sauerkraut.I remembered Aunt Nellies sweet & sour cabbage. It's milder than sauerkraut, and prettier, and really really cheap.

I put my pastrami on one slice of bread, my swiss on the other, stuck them under the broiler for a few minutes, added the cabbabge and voila! A yummy modified Reuben! I'll call it a Runy Reuben, because Aunt Nellie's is red, and with the pink pastrami and dark brown pumpernickle the colors of tha sammich were lovely. It was quite healthy too.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

food finds

Some foods I've discovered lately that I am diggin big time...

*Pigeon Peas! I discovered a can of these green fellers in the Mexican section at my local grocery store. I gave them a try because, well, I love beans. They are soooo good! I usually combine them with cous cous, mexican spices, some lowfat cheese and salsa (I've been on a Pineapple salsa kick lately). It's cheap, easy and healthy. The Pigeon peas have a slightly nutty taste. Less "mushy" than beans...almost like edamame. Yum!

*Quaker Maple Brown Sugar Multi-grain cakes. Rice cakes? I Know! But, dang, these things are flavorful! They taste just like pancakes, but they are crunchy, and good for you! Great for a sweet-tooth snack, at only 50 calories per cake. And 1 gram of fiber! YAY! FIBER!

*Chocolate Chex Mix. In particular, the Chocolate peanutbutter variety. Such a good idea. Chocolate and peanut butter flavored chex, peanuts and little fake m&m's with pretzels. Now, there were too many pretzels, so we ate them first, so we could enjoy all the other goodness without the bother of all the darn pretzels.