Sunday, February 17, 2019

Feb. 17: tasty fun stuff

Here's what's been keeping me amused/informed/hungry/satiated the past couple weeks...


A woman takes on the restaurant rape-culture problem into her own hands by posting flyers of her attacker and contacting the restaurant he works at. Crazy read.

What rutabaga does better than anybody else. I'll have to try this! I love rutabaga, especially pureed.

New York Fashion Week trending colors report. What does this have to do with food? Look at the names of most of those colors! Yum!

A brief history of food as art, from the Smithsonian.


@bolundbergillustration You know I love vintage cookbooks, especially ones with Illustrations. This illustrator has a mid-century modern style that I just love. For more, check out his Behance gallery.

@lostfoundartny I kind of collect collections. This NY store's collections are wondrous. This is proof that anything can be beautiful when grouped as a collection. 
I mean, BURNER GRATES! So great. @lostfoundartny



Piggies! @lostfoundartny

Speaking of pig walls... here is my piggy plate wall I did in honor of Lunar New Year:

It's the Year of the Pig! Here are some pork recipes from the archive:


One of my favorite food trucks in St. Louis, Balkan Treat Box, opened it's brick & mortar last week and I could not be more excited for them, and for my taste buds. Wood fired Bosnian breads with handmade sausages and other fillings. I will be going here a lot. I crave it.



That's it for this installment! Stay curious, stay hungry!

Friday, February 01, 2019

February 1 - Links and pics

Hi guys! It's FEBRUARY! We made it through a government shutdown and a Polar Vortex! Whew! Here's some things keeping me distracted/hungry/inspired lately.


• Thank you to all the chefs and restaurants who stepped up during the stupid, no good, dumb government shut down. When people weren't sure how where their next meal would come from, hospitality industry folks were there to help. Edward Lee was one of them, this is a well-stated piece he wrote about it.

• 2018's Best Food Longreads. I have some catching up to do.


• @dogs_infood DOGGOS IN FOOD. need I say more? I dare you not to smile. See also @puppie.pies

• @brokeassgirltravel Does she need a travel buddy, because I, too, am broke and like to travel. But she is so good at it. I need her guidance (you can, in fact, hire her for that!)

• @stuartgardinerdesign If you can figure out where to get this gin tea towel (or any of his oven mitts or tea towels, really) in the states, my birthday is in about a month from now.

• @drinkingwithchickens This account is basically ripped straight from my daydreams. She is everything I aspire to be. A well hydrated chicken (and doggo) human with a gorgeous bright home. Oh and remember how I mentioned my impending birthday?


I had a successful couple of weeks at my favorite thrift stores.

Julia & Jaque 4Eva

Bread knife shaped like a fish! Loaves and Fishes?
An assortment of small jello molds, chocolate molds
and tiny tart tins! Will I ever use them or will they just look cute
in a jar on a shelf in my kitchen? Only time will tell.

1946 edition of a classic. And the cutest version. 

70's paperbacks. Yeah, I had a good Julia week, huh?


My husband wanted meatloaf. Every time he brings home ground beef for meatloaf I make meatballs instead. Oops. (Does he know who I am tho? For reals) This time I indulged him. I loosely used this recipe, for the amount of oats and egg, and the idea of putting tons of chopped cooked veggies in it to keep it moist and healthy. I didn't have mushrooms, but I did have zucchini. And spinach. I think I had nearly a 50/50 ratio of veggies to meat! We were pleased with how it turned out!

The other day, during the POLAR VORTEX 2019, it got to -732ºF here in St. Louis (I exaggerate, but only slightly.) I made this chicken, chick pea, cauliflower curry with probably too much chili powder to warm up, and it sure worked (until we started sweating then we were kinda cold again for a minute.) No recipe, just kept dumping spices in. Sorry!