Sunday, November 04, 2007

my job meets my hobbies

You may not know this about me (especially considering my standard-issue blogger layout), but I am a graphic designer. I'm lucky to have a job doing a lot of food-related design. The two are good partners, food and design. Both require creativity, both can be improved by technical know-how, and both can be fun and rewarding. To sharpen both my design knowledge and my food knowledge, I have found some links that involve both:

-An article about designing restaurant logos.

-An article about designing restaurant menus.

-A regular feature on Design*Sponge called "in the kitchen with" talks to designers about what they eat.

-What Gordon Ramsey can teach Software designers.

-An article about a Wine label art show that discusses wine label design.

-Also, a website featuring unusual wine labels, and another good collection of wine labels.

-Retro Food advertising-Lots of fun things to look at!

-More retro advertising...not all food items.

-remember my post on cheese labels? good stuff!

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