Friday, January 19, 2007

Well Read, Well Fed (Installment 5)

I've come across information on a couple food books that *gasp* my library does not have. So I've made official suggestions on the library web site that they purchase them. Hopefully they do so soon. Meanwhile, here's what I am talking about:

Food & Booze is a collection of essays about...well food and booze. I love this review of it:

“I opened this neat little volume intending to read about solid, square meals, but then I found myself getting blitzed on absinthe cocktails in Portugal with Elissa Schappell, downing shots of mezcal in a Oaxacan cantina with Mark Statman, and cruising around in Sara Roahen’s family car sipping huge travel mugs of brandy and 7-Up (what are these people thinking?). So I can only tell you that the booze half of the book is a blast. And now I’d like to lie down for a while, if you don’t mind.”
—Pete Wells, Food & Wine columnist and winner of five James Beard Awards for writing on food and drink

Since my library doesn't have this particular book, I looked into info about some of the contributors.
-Steve Almond has a story snippet here that I quite enjoyed. He's the author of
Candyfreak, which I need to get my sticky little hands on. Mmmmmm...candy.

-Lan Samantha Chang has a book called Hunger, which looks interesting.
My library has that book, and I have already requested it.

-Michelle Wildgen has some writing excerpts on her website. They made my mouth
water. She contributed to another food essay compilation, Death by Pad Thai.
Totally been requested from the 'brary.

-Some other contributors to Food & Booze: Lydia Davis, Chris Offutt, Grace Paley,
Francine Prose, Elissa Schappell.

The other book the struck my fancy is Sound Bites by Alex Kapranas. Alex is the lead singer of Franz Ferdinand, an awesome band. The book is about food on tour. It's getting good reviews, and I can't wait to read it. However, until it becomes available at the library, we can make due by reading his columns in The Guardian.

So, there we are a fresh new big pile of food books to add to my list. Did I mention I already had 3 other food books on hold? That's alot of salivating. Thanks to good pal Kelly for telling me about these 2 new books.

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