Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year ResoFOODtions

Inspired by this post on Slashfood, I present: Ironstef’s 2007 New Years ResaFOODtions!

1. Successfully make some basic food classics that kind of intimidate me;
  • a) Meatloaf. A classic comfort food that can be so yummy, but can so easily be bland and dry. I think the best place to start with Good Eats’ recipe. Alton Brown is one of my reliable go to guys. If that traditional one goes well, perhaps I’ll try some variations, for instance this Guys Meatloaf or a healthier Turkey meatloaf.
  • b) Stock. The basis of good soups and sauces and lots of other dishes. I’ll probably go with Anthony Bourdain’s method in his Les Halles Cookbook. Here’s a good Illustrated reference, as well.
  • c) Artichokes. Scary vegetable, but delicious. Jaque Pepin’s website has a nice slideshow on how to prepare them. And here’s everything you need to know plus some about Artichokes. Yet again, Good Eats looks like my best bet for a simple, basic recipe and method.
  • d) Ossobuco. Everytime I see this on tv or in a recipe book, it looks so yummy. I’ve never had it, though. I have to try this soon, as it looks perfect for winter weekend evenings. I think Lidia’s recipe will be reliable as far as a basic, authentic Italian Ossobuco. This French version is tempting, too. Cooking for Engineers has pictures!

2. Pay more attention to wine. I love me some red wine, and drink it all the time. I’ve fallen in to a rut of sticking to my favorite varietals, not paying much attention to the subtleties of taste and aroma, and not keeping track of wines I’ve tried.

3. Become more tea savvy. I drink tea almost every afternoon. Just a pouch of green tea, usually flavored with chai spices. But I haven’t ventured much outside the supermarket teas.

  • a) Get a tea kettle for home use so I can make a proper cuppa.
  • b) Get a tea ball or other infuser, so I can try loose tea. I know loose tea is much better quality. I think of that every time I’m swirling my cup and I see all the little dust particles floating around at the bottom.
  • c) Learn more about the wide world of tea.

4. Eat more fiber.

5.Take advantage of the diversity of St. Louis and try different cuisines at local restaurants. Here’s some that I want to go to. I resolve to visit at least 3 of these this year.

6. Work on my food photography.

7. Go through all these awesome how-tos on Cooks Illustrated’s web site.

8. Get some nice stuff for our kitchen:

  • a) a kitchen Island or cart for more counterspace and storage.
  • b) a good knife and a magnetic strip for knife storage
  • c.) at least one good pot and/or pan

That’s it! Looks like I have an exciting year ahead of me. Feel free to share you ResoFOODtions in the comments! I’d love to hear them. Happy Food Year!!!

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