Friday, January 26, 2007

more than just bubble tea

today I took a long walk with one destination in mind. St. Louis Bubble Tea. See, I was really jonesin' for their coconut green bean slush with boba. For those of you not in-the-know, bubble tea comes in a plethora of flavors and temperatures. The thing that makes it bubble tea are the boba, which are tapioca like balls, which are bigger than a pea and smaller than a marble. They have the texture of a gummy bear almost. You have to use a special straw to drink it, and yes, you chew your drink.

Anyway, this place has food, too, and I've always been curious to try a menu item called "Soy Sauce Chicken." So today, I did. And boy was it good. It consisted of a chicken leg quarter, very tender and dark with soy sauce. Some white rice, which had that distinctive slight smoky flavor that I never get when I make rice at home, a big hunk of bok choy and a brownish peeled hard boiled egg. I think the egg might have been a tea egg? or something similar. Whatever it was, it was awesome. Kind of sweet and salty. mmmmm. Anyway, I had my camera with me, and the lighting was good at my sunny corner table, and the food looked do pretty and delicious, I snapped some photos:

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Anonymous said...

the mini egg-rolls there are a delight as well... if you're ever in the mood at lunch, you know where i live!