Sunday, March 09, 2008

chicken and waffles!

Friday night, Jack mentioned he wanted to deep fry something. I mentioned I wanted to try chicken and waffles, but we didn't have a waffle maker *hint hint*. Monday is my birthday, so we went shopping and Jack bought me a little waffle maker/sandwich maker device. We actually went with a little cheapy one, to see how often we would use such a thing. I'm not all that impressed with it, but if we find we use it a good deal, we'll upgrade.

So, yeah, we preceded to make Chicken & Waffles! I was in charge of the waffles, for which I just used Krusteaz Belgian Waffle mix. Jack was in charge of the fried chicken. He cut chicken breasts in half horizontally, sprinkled them with flour, dipped them in milk and dredged them in more flour, the fried them. Add some butter and pure maple syrup, and we have a California classic!


Suze said...

salty fried chicken, and sweet butter and syrup! Yum!

MamaPhunk said...

Vinnie and I made a very important decision this weekend; if we ever win the lottery, YOU are becoming our personal chef.

It will be totally, totally awesome.

Anonymous said...

i used to go to a chicken and waffle joint in Austin when i lived there. it was good...especially at 3 am after a night of honky tonk.