Thursday, March 27, 2008

chorizo, egg & raisin tacos

A while back this Serious Eats "dinner tonight" post caught my eye...chorizo, egg and raisin tacos. Sounded interesting, flavor-wise, and simple...perfect for a weeknight.

It IS easy. The only thing I really did different than the Serious Eats' method was I soaked my raisins in tequila instead of boring old water. I also made pico de gallo to top them. No need for a recipe, because it's pretty much cook some onions, chorizo and raisins, check for seasoning, add eggs, put on tortilla. eat. If you'd like more egg, use more egg. More sausage? you get it.

These were good! I had some for breakfast the next morning, too. Fun!

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redneck muppet said...

breakfast for every meal AND a sweet bite included? oh, hell yes. that does look good. i have chorizo, eggs, and tortillas at home...raisin aisle, here i come.