Sunday, May 13, 2007

Grillin' up a Saturday

Yesterday was kind of a lazy Saturday. The weather was awesome...ripe for some hot grill action. For lunch we had some grilled all-beef uncured hotdogs. Yum! We topped them with this relish we made up a couple of years ago, kind of a chicago-style dog in a jar.It's simple, just cut up a couple of pickles, a couple roma tomatoes and a small red onion, season with salt and pepper and pickle juice to taste and mix together. Use it to top your dog along with your favorite mustard! Some crunchy reduced-fat plain potato chips on the side? Mmmmm MMMMM!

Then, last night, Jack started up the grill again. He grilled some sun-dried tomato chicken sausages and portabello mushrooms. When they were good and grilled, he chopped them up and we added them to some whole wheat penne pasta, a jar of good marinara sauce and some toasted pine nuts. Top with Pecorino Romano cheese, and that's a simple but really yummy dinner. In fact, it's the second time this week we've made it.

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