Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Visions of Sugarplums

A day late…but we must be forgiving during the holidays, right?. This week’s theme is of course holiday foods! How festive!

Everything you ever wanted to know about chestnuts but were afraid to ask.

Japanese Christmas dinner

Celebrating Festivus with the Costanzas? May I suggest some Ben & Jerry’s Gingerbread Cookie Ice cream? Why? Because this flavor was formerly known as Festivus. It’s only available at scoop shops, though.

Tamales are a Mexican Christmas tradition. Just don’t do what Crafty Chica did when making them. Ouch!!

Sicilian Christmas cookies. yum!

I’m gonna have to try some Madeira for the holidays.

Monkey makes fruitcake.

Tips on how not to gain that holiday 5 lbs.

And to all a good feast!

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