Monday, December 13, 2004


Friday Night Jack and I, on a whim, decided to go for sushi at our favorite place, Ichiban. It’s on the way home from work, and close to a Kohl’s where we had some clothes shopping to do. Sushi is so wonderful. Somehow, we didn’t go overboard this time, each ordering a few Nigiri pieces and 1 roll each (I got a basic tuna roll and Jack got Salmon skin roll…yummm). With that in mind, I bring you some sushi links!

First some basics:

Japan Guide is a great source for Sushi information, as well as lots of other info about Japan.

A Sushi glossary.

Sushi etiquette.

Some Sushi nutrition info. (Not to be snobbish, but who needs cream cheese in their sushi anyway?)

A little bit on fugu, the deadly sushi.

Sushi Fun:

Sushi Fortune teller

Sushi trivia (I got 7 out of 10!)

Keaggy has a great Sushi desktop here.

Mock Sushi recipes:

Rice Krispie treat sushi.

Twinkie sushi.

Irish sushi?!?!

Sushi Stuff:

Wind-up sushi. ca-ute!

Sushi jewelry. fabulous!

Sushi candles, and more!

Enjoy! Domo arigato!

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