Friday, November 23, 2007

yummy bling

I saw this little post about food jewelry, and decided to do a little window shopping of my own. It is that big shopping day, after all. So what if I didn't leave the house at all. I learned to make noodles, and I learned to crochet. And I looked at pretty little things. I'll share my favorite pretty little things...

a golden saltine cracker. simple and versatile. and pretty!

on the subject of salty snacks, check out this pretty silver pretzel necklace.

mmmm...sushi dinner...with real rice inside! cute.

adorable silver dumplings. how to choose?

I am totally coveting this 5 spice necklace by jewelry designer Sara Hood. It's so beautiful.

I can't see actually wearing these bacon and egg earrings (besides the fact that my ears aren't pierced), but they are irresistible, no?

there you have it. gorgeous ways to wear your stomach on your sleeve...or neck or ears...

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