Thursday, March 19, 2009

Cashew Curry

Last night I was in the mood for curry. I had'ed 101 Cookbook's Cashew Curry a while back, so I decided now was the time to try it out. After a couple weeks of going out and eating all manner of not-so-healthy foods, it felt good to get all these vegetables in my tummy. Not necessarily a low-fat dish or anything, this curry gets lots of flavor from whole coconut and toasted cashews. It's totally nutritious, though, especially since you don't cook the vegetables that long at all. This also makes for a quick weeknight dinner! The only way I differed from Heidi's recipe was that I used more of everything...a whole head of cauliflower, a whole can of coconut milk, a whole block of tofu, etc. I can't use just part of an item, because the rest of it will end up sitting in the fridge for weeks then getting thrown away. I can, however, tear up some leftovers.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

out with a bang....the last sandwich of my 20's is my 30th birthday. I'm not gonna lie, I am LOVING it so far. I like birthdays. And "milestone" birthdays? Yay! I am going to eat the attention with a spoon and milk it ALL month long :)

Last night was my only night of this week to just chill out and cook and watch tv. I decided to go crazy and have a decadent yet easy dinner. This is another dish I was introduced to by the Companion bread people. And it is pretty much the best sandwich EVAR.

Are you ready for this? You had better sit down. Bread. Brie. Basil. Dark CHOCOLATE. Grilled. Yup. Amazing. A perfect end to a quite good youth. Washed down with some good red wine, of course.

UPDATE: thanks to the LA Times Daily Dish for the mention! Also, thanks again to Companion Bread for introducing me to this wonderful "Ebony and Ivory" sandwich. I'm a fan!

Friday, March 06, 2009

ginger chicken, a twitter-inspired dinner

You're familiar with the Twitter phenomenon, no? Everybody's doing it! Congress, even! I, of course am HOOKED. Small tidbits of usually mundane thoughts from people all over the globe, at my fingertips. Did I say mundane? Oh, but Twitter can be very helpful as well! For instance, yesterday, Mark Bittman twittered a link to his Ginger Chicken recipe, and BOOM, I knew what I was having for dinner! And Ohhhh...what a yummy dinner. I love ginger, but was still fearfull of the 1/2 pound the recipe calls for. That's a LOT of ginger, but I should have never doubted Bittman. The ginger mellows when cooked with the chicken. I could eat just the ginger as a side dish. In fact, I wish I'd put more in! Beautiful, cheap, and easy. So, thanks, twitter!

Here is a big bad list of food-related twitterers. I know there are more out there...Comment and tell me if you know of any!!

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ruhlman- Michael Ruhlman!
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