Wednesday, November 21, 2007

they'll eat anything!

Although I mostly like Bizarre Foods and No Reservations because of all the very interesting cultural learning involved, I have to admit it's fun to see Tony And Andrew eat crazy stuff. I think of myself as an adventurous eater, but there are some things that make me hesitate. Balut, for instance. i think I'd try it, but it'd be a challenge.

Thank goodness for the internets. There are several sites featuring people trying out, well, scary foods. Hilarity ensues...

Steve Don't Eat It!
Steve, writer of the blog The Sneeze tries a bunch of frightening foods...usually processed food products of some sort...and not always human food. BLT with Beggin' strips!?! Steve!!

So You Don't Have To.
Benchilada has his wife film him eating all sorts of interesting things. Lots of Asian packaged foods. Ben and his videos will make you LOL...and possibly turn you on to new things.

Weird meat.
Self-explanatory, huh? A guy travels all over the place and eats "local delicacies" which often is code for "yikes." Pork Marrow sucked through a bendy straw! Seahorses! FISH POO!?!?

and on that note...Have a great Thanksgiving!

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