Thursday, November 22, 2007


carbs are beautiful, no? The Thanksgiving dinner I ate included mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls and fresh noodles. Mmmm. Here are some quick snapshots of meal preparations. None of it was prepared by me, but I want to try making this stuff when I get home.

Rolls! All big and poofy and ready to bake. Man were these poofy!

Fresh noodles. I will probably make these sometime. I didn't see Jack's mom make them, but she explained it to me and it sounds easy. Like how Ruhlman made pasta, but with a bit more egg, and not rolled through a pasta machine. Just roughly cut into pieces, boiled with lots of the roasting juices from the turkey. They also remind me of my Nonna's chicken and noodles.

I will totally be making carrots this way from now on. Just simmered in beef broth and some butter. Simple, but the result is and addicting, savory-sweet side-dish.

So there's my Thanksgiving post. I didn't get many photos of the food because I was busy eating it. And I don't have much to say because I'm in that slightly comatose post-big carby meal state. Funny how I'm ready to go check the fridge for a leftover snack...

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Patricia Scarpin said...

The food looks great - homemade bread and pasta are heavenly!