Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Iron Stef Approved Gifts: St. Louis- Shop Local!

Local Local Local. Shopping and eating local is very important these days. Here are some of my favorite St. Louis-made food gifts.

Foodie STL deck
I am such a fan of this as a gift. A deck of 52 cards, each one $10 off at a LOCAL restaurant. Proceeds go to the Leukemia foundation. Such a fun way to get people to check out St. Louis dining.

Brew in The Lou by Evan Benn
An awesome book all about beer in St. Louis, a true beer town.

Also, there are sooo many fantastic breweries here... craft beer makes a great gift! Check out STL Hops St. Louis Beer guide online for guidance.

Finally, A Locally Produced Guidebook to St. Louis by and for St. Louisans, Neighborhood by Neighborhood

Eating St. Louis: The Gateway City's Unique Food Culture
This looks like a pretty cool book about the history of St. Louis food culture (I'm going by the
pictures on amazon, I don't actually own this book...yet.)

St. Louis Magazine's first annual Chef's Recipes book.
There are legit recipes in here from the best of the best St. Louis chefs. Plus, it's pretty to look at AND a portion of proceeds go to Operation Food Search!

-Duh. Candy. Crown Candy Kitchen is a St. Louis Institution... famous in-town and all over the country for their malts, BLT and, of course, candy. The adorable chocolate trees, santas and angels will be a gift of nostalgia as well as good taste.

-The BILF t-shirt from Rizzo Tees is one of my go-to gifts for the hungry guy who has everything.

-SAUSAGE. Salume Beddu makes the best cured meats. I gave several meat gifts last Christmas. Yeah, I said "meat gifts." Check out their holiday specials!

-Chocolate is on every one's list. Kakao makes the finest in town!

-Speaking of chocolate, Mom's Original treats are sure to brighten someone's holiday.

- For that baker and pinterest junkie in your life, check out the super-cute wooden personalized utensils from Sucre Shop. So much cute.

-Billy Goat Chips. Great stocking stuffer? Or best stocking stuffer ever?

-How about giving the gift of food knowledge? Classes at Schnucks Cooks Cooking School and Kitchen Conservatory are the gift that keeps on giving.

Provel Cheese - two 5lb Bricks
Instead of coal for those on your "Naughty" list? :P

St. Louis, what are your favorite local gifts?

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