Friday, September 30, 2011

guest post! Knuckles Handerson

I was out of town most of the week, and when I got back, I was sick. So I did zero cooking this week. But you know I wouldn't leave you postless! I recruited my... well, my hand, Knuckles Handerson (follow him on twitter!), to do a guest post. Take it away, Knucks!

Being the hand of a foodie, I myself have grown quite fond of the adventure, culture and fun of food. Here are some links with particular interest to me...

If You're eating Sushi with chopsticks, you're doing it wrong! I can do the job even better... Just ask Trevor Corson, Sushi expert.

But sometimes I am busy (I'm kind of a big deal, you see) when you're hungry. Then you need this... the human nerd equivalent to a feed bag.

Daddy?!?! :(

Don't let me end up like that... learn some knife skills from "Non-wobbly veg" chef Jamie Oliver (Stef thinks he's dreamy).

More protection. Hilarious protection.

Knuckle Sandwich necklace. brilliant.

Food with Googly eyes... talk about food porn... *wolf whistle*

Pinkies up! Have a great weekend!

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