Tuesday, June 01, 2010

tater tot "fusion" tacos

All I really wanted for dinner tonight was one of my favorite pairings: tater tots and sriracha sauce. Alas, I was not sure when I would have another chance to cook something blog-worthy, and I cannot leave my loyal Iron Stef readers hangin'. But I am also selfish. So I decided to have my tater tots and sriracha. I just put them in a taco! And you know what? Totally works. Brilliant, if I do say so my selfish self.

Toasted flour tortillas, black beans cooked with some cayenne, cumin, salt & pepper, crispy tater tots, red bell pepper & green onions all topped with a generous squirt of "cock sauce." That's it. That's the recipe.

ummmm..... soooooo... go make some. Perfect use for those tots in your zipper pocket.


Andrew Mark Veety said...


Anonymous said...

This was a very creative use of Tator Tots. I could also see using some kind of chicken finger.

jennifer said...

these are so tasty and fun, loved it!