Thursday, June 24, 2010

iron stef elsewhere

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Roadtrips, weddings, live music, tweetups. I'm not complaining, I love it. However, I fear it means less time in the kitchen, so I will not have a recipe post this week. I've done posts in a couple of other places recently, though. If you are just NEEDING you some Iron Stef, check these out ;).

I went to Baltimore for my Cousin's wedding over the weekend, thereby missing this month's convening of the Church of Burger. So instead, I held my own private service with a burger at Kooper's tavern, and wrote about it for the Church. Kooper's is owned by the same people as Slainte, which is next door, and where I had another awesome burger, a lamb burger, back in March (read about those travels in my Food Blog Mafia post about the trip).

The week before, I went on a float trip with my brother and sister-in-law and some friends. Float trips require canned beer, and being somewhat of a beer snob, I had to seek out some good stuff. I wrote about canned beer options for Food Blog Mafia, here. Oh how I long for that cold cold river and hot sunshine. Good times.

This weekend I'm going to another cousin's wedding in Galesburg, IL. Remember when I ate G-burg last summer? Looking forward to going back. Happy summer everyone! And don't forget about Skank Ham!

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Kelly said...

I went to Knox and lived in Galesburg for 4 years! It is a quaint little town. I loved being there. Next time you go, you MUST go to Innkeepers coffee - on N. Seminary Street. Easily some of the best coffee ever. I would also recommend Cherry Street (it may have closed, but I've heard it may re-open? get the 'mud' appetizer), Jalisco's - best 'real' Mexican food I've ever had! Good luck! I enjoy reading your blog!