Monday, June 15, 2009

blogging ladies of the lou

So, you know how I don't update this blog quite like I used to? Well, if I leave you unstatisfied (never!), I met a whole bunch of other awesome lady bloggers from St. Louis I would like you to check out. because they are awesome.

So Kelli, who's blog is called South City Confidential, organized a BlogHer meetup. We met up at a coffee house in the Soulard neighborhood of St. Louis. Sat on the patio, got to know each other a bit before the coffee shop closed way earlier than we expected. So we HAD to go to a bar down the street :) It was fun to meet all these people who enjoy blogging and social networking as much as I do. So I would like to introduce you to them...

• Jaelithe: The State of Discontent

• Celeste: Average Jane (who's article on BlogHer for beginners I need to read STAT!)

• Melody: Girls Guide to the Galaxy

• Bea: Betizuka

• Kelly: Mocha Momma

• Angela: Fluid Pudding

• Ava: Shouldn't Life Be More Than This?

• Kara: Star Monkeybrass

• Kelli, the organizer: South City Confidential

• Kelly: Sounding My Barbaric Gulp, who've I've mentioned several times on Iron Stef, a fellow food blogger and good pal.

It was great to meet all you lovely ladies! We should have meet-ups more often!!

I only got one photo, with my iPhone, the whole evening. It's not the whole group, but some of us made it to The Stable for Drinks and food. Yum!

From left to right: Barbaric Gulp Kelly, Average Jane Celeste, Girl's Guide Melody, Betizuka Bea and Southside Kelli.


Bea said...

I had a wonderful time! You can even tell by the dreamy face, eyes closed and all. ;-) I hope to see the STL blogger group in KC soon.

Anonymous said...

Just wanna give a shoutout to another St. louis lady blogger: Kate at

Average Jane said...

It was great meeting you!