Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Leave it to twitter to inspire yet another dinner for me. This time a friend made a comment about "tofu-pockets" thinking she was making a joke, and not knowing that there really are such a thing. Tofu pockets, or "inarizushi no moto", are basically tofu that has been deep fried and then canned or frozen in a sweet/salty flavored juice. You have seen Inarizushi on Iron Stef before, back when I was regularly making bentos... a habit I really need to get back into, for the sake of my wallet and my waistline.

There is not much of a recipe here. I cooked some rice. Let it cool a bit so I could handle it without pain. Stuffed some rice into tofu pockets, poured some of the juice from the can over the rice. Dribbled a bit of soy sauce over the rice. Sprinkled them with wasabi furikake, a Japanese rice seasoning made with dried seaweed, dried shrimp, wasabi powder, sesame seeds and other seasonings and spices. An ├╝ber simple weeknight dinner... though I think they are usually thought of more as a snack. When you're single, snacks often make the most sensible dinners (take popcorn for instance. one of my favorite dinners!).

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Fiesta Saurus Rex said...

looks exactly like the type of thing I want to be eating.
Thank you!