Friday, May 15, 2009

bowling ball truffles

I joined a bowling league!! It started last night. Considering I hadn't bowled in a few weeks, I knew I should bring something to stay in my teams good graces when I failed at getting the pins to fall (and boy howdy did I fail the first 2 games! blech!). Kelly had brought up her oreo truffles recently during Wednesday Night Ritual (wine and food and fun in Alton, IL!). I thought these would be perfect for a bowling league treat, being as they are shaped just like little bowling balls! So instead of drizzling the white chocolate over them, I made 3 little dots on each "ball." Kind of adorable, I think...though the guys on my team didn't use the words "adorable" or "cute." They just said "YUM!"


Julie said...

I clicked over to the recipe, and they're so easy! Oreos are definitely one of those trashy foods that are irrestibly good...I really want some of those truffles!

AmyRuth said...

hey Steph, love your blog. I googled Dorie's Dulce de leche duos and found you, and discovered you are in the STL area. I live in Columbia, MO. Love your little truffles. Who wouldn't love those they look so moist. How did you like them?
Any tips on the "duos?" I'm baking for a party this weekend so I'm firing up the ovens tomorrow. Did you really like them?

Lia "business courses"Scott said...

Your recipe is so easy to follow specially cooking is not my talent

Michael Courses said...

Great recipes!