Wednesday, July 02, 2008

soy sauce wings

On kind of a wing kick this weekend, Jack concocted these little guys. They were quite simple to make, and super-tasty! First, he marinated the wings in soy sauce, rice vinegar, sake (a 2-1-1 ratio on the liquid ingredients) grated fresh ginger and garlic.

Oh hey! Jack has just informed me that next time he'd leave out the sake, as he doesn't think it added anything. Okay, so soy sauce, rice vinegar, ginger garlic. Easy peasy.

The wings sat in the marinade for about 45 minutes, before getting patted dry, dredged lightly in flour and deep fried to a golden brown deliciousness.

I made an americanized-asian-style salad with stuff from the salad peppers, carrots, baby corn, water chestnuts, sunflower seeds and hard boiled eggs. I made a quick vinaigrette with soy sauce, vinegar, olive oil, fresh ginger and a dab of both sesame oil and honey. It was light and tart. Oh and I put chow mein noodles on top! Silly (but yummy)!


junipie said...

Sounds like a riff on chicken adobo which I LOVE.

eatingclubvancouver_js said...

Chicken wings are fun. They lend themselves to so many flavour combinations and they're easy to love.

Butterscott said...

They look tasty. You could use the Sake for a beverage or maybe a tall frosty Sapporo/Kirin!!

Anonymous said...

WHY do people have to ruin good food with soy sauce?

I love chicken wings, but I DETEST the taste of "soy suce".

I rue the day that this terrible concotion found its way into America.

It is disgusting. It is vile. And it totally ruins literally tons of food in this country.

I should know because I am a trained, Professional Chef who graduated from Peter Kump's Culinary School, and who would have thrown ANY student out of class who would have EVEN MENTIONED "soy sauce."

Anonymous said...

These look yummy!

Anonymous said...


Here's a quote from the I.C.E.'s program overview section on their webpage:

"While our Culinary Arts curriculum is grounded in classical French technique, food trends are decidedly global. To that end, we've designed the program so that students work with ingredients and techniques from countries around the world, including India, Japan, Thailand, China, Italy and Spain."

(I'm sure 2 of those countries use soy sauce)

So... you SAY you are "classically" trained in French cooking and by your attitude you have adopted the familiar elitist attitude about food and about what people SHOULD be eating. However, don't tout your credentials and speak for your instructors when it's pretty obvious that your beloved institution advertises teaching cuisine from Asia as part of its curriculum.

Thank you for providing some insight on the misuse of soy sauce in America. We'll continue to enjoy our "ruined" wings while we contemplate the seriousness of your comments.

Anonymous said...

Peter Kump....wasn't he on Hee Haw?

Paula said...

Oh yum, yum, yum! The marinade sounds awesome. My kids could eat an entire platter of these. That is, um, once they pried their mother away from the platter! Great recipe.