Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wine-ing and bitching

2 weekends ago I went to the St. Louis food and WIne Experience. It's a wine and food show put on to raise money for the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis. This is the third year I've gone, and as usual, it was a blast. Basically, you walk around and taste wine. It's a great way to learn about wine, because reps from the wine companies are usually there to answer questions. It's also a great place to find a bunch of wines that are new to you. Most booths have little take away cards so you can remember which wines you liked. I went through our pilke of cards last night, so here's a list of some of our favorite wines we tried that day:

Sterling Vitner’s Collection Zinfandel

Red Guitar Wine

Dynamite Zinfandel

Gnarly Head Old Vine Zin

Taltarni Vineyards 2002 Shiraz (I think this was our favorite find of the whole day. I remember we both took a card so we'd be sure to remember this one)

Crane Lake Petit Sirah

Clos Du Val 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon

Shoo Fly 2004 Shiraz

337 Wine

Shingleback Shiraz 2003

I also came away with a nice informative brochure detailing all of the Missouri Wineries. I haven't been to any besides 4 of them in St. Genevieve. And I didn't realize that there were so darn many!

And in other local wine news, the St. Louis Post Dispatch ran this article about wines with naughty names a couple weeks ago. I love Fat Bastard Wines. I'd like to try some of these other wines with funny names. I know it's more of a gimmick, but darn it, you're gonna resist a wine called "Bitch"?

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