Wednesday, February 14, 2007

meat-al heads

Looking at various packaged meats and meat products, It occured to me that some of the phrases on the packaging would make great band names. See?

-Fully Cooked
-Heat & Serve
-Resealable Bag
-Thaw Slightly
-with gravy
-Coated with Seasoning
-Caramel Color added
-Fully Cooked, Homestyle
-With Catsup Sauce
-Serving Suggestion
-Artificial Flavor
-Net Weight
-Strictly Kosher Beef
-Great For Grilling
-Sell By Date
-Sandwich Style
-Leak Proof
-Mechanically Separated Chicken
-With Shaped Minced Beef
-Packed in Broth
-Without Giblets
-In Milk Gravy

Rock on!

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