Monday, October 03, 2005

sidney street

Thursday night I joined my cousin's fiance, her friends and family for a bachelorette dinner at Sidney Street Cafe. It was a place I had heard from several sources was very good. So, although I probably could have used the money for practical things, like bills and groceries, I decided that it was an opportunity to splurge. Plus, you know, get to meet new people, and spend time with some of my favorite people at the same time!

One of my aunts picked me up from work, and we ended up being a little late, so we missed the bread. But wine was offered right away, as were both of our plates of appetizers, which everyone else had already gotten. The individual appetizer plates included a lobster turnover, a barbequed shrimp and a veal dumpling. The lobster turnover was good...quite spicy, actually, and very rich. The shrimp was okay. The veal dumpling was my favorite. It had a great texture and fantastic rich flavor. mmm.

Next we chose our soup or salad. Although the soup of the day sounded really good (red pepper soup with a blue cheese crisp garnish), I went for the beet salad. Mainly because I really like beets, but hardly ever have them. And I don't think I've ever had fresh beets. Plus, there were yellow beets, which intrigued me. I really liked the salad. It was simple...beets, greens and a light balasalmic vinagrette. Tasted good with my wine, which was a blend of a whole range of reds.

For dinner I ordered Lamb Chops with an apricot glaze. Also, a glass of the house Pinot Noir (I believe it was BV Coastal Estates), which went very very well. I've had lamb before, in the form of gyros and such, but never lamb chops. Let me tell ya, after this meal, I am hooked on those cute little fellas. It came out, 2 chops, rib bones all criss crossed on top of some glorious mashed potatoes with some bright baby carrots and wads of cooked spinach surrounding it. I cut into a chop, which I ordered medium-rare, to find a juicy pink/red heaven. It was grilled, so the outside had a lovely smokey/slightly charred perfect flavor. And the caveman bloody inside was so moist and flavorful. Anf the potatoes...WAY above average. The carrots were even cooked how I like 'em! Crunchy.

The others were all enjoying thier food. Cricket whispered that her sea bass was giving her a food orgasm *snickers*. I knew what she was talking about, too. Oh man. That was one quiet table of ladies, as we all savored our meals.

Yeah, it was expensive. I wouldn't be able to go there but once a year for a special occasion. But it's well worth it. From the service to the exciting menu to the appetizers and salads to the delicious food. You should go :)

Here's a couple of reviews, if you want to learn more.

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