Monday, November 15, 2004

you look delicious

I’m not really a fashionista or anything. But lately I’ve come across a few things that have inspired me to do a post about fashionable food and food fashions.

For the chef, these aprons are so cute. And don’t forget your wine!

For the stylish little girl in all of us, doll cakes are like playing dress-up and easy bake oven at the same time! Doll cake supplies, anyone?

Have a shoe Fetish? Having Cake? Here’s everything you’ll need. Cake stand. Cake server. Plates.

A book about fashionable food through the years. And an article about Japan’s chic food of the moment.

You can use your fashion for food purposes , or go crazy and use food for fashion purposes. Mmmmm…chocolate.

A little style in your eating is a good thing, but this is taking it way too far. brrr. What’s next? Chanel Croutons and Louie Vuitton mustard?

Chic appetit!

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