Monday, November 08, 2004

It's just "different" is all...

I consider myself pretty open-minded...especially when it comes to food. There aren't many things I won't try. But today, I'm dedicating this post to the worst recipes ever.

This Fruit Cocktail-SPAM Buffet Party Loaf is wrong in soooo many ways. It even has Miracle Whip in it...and if you know me you know I'm totally nauseous right now.

So that was very 50's. The 70's are notorious for strange food. These 1974 Weight Watchers recipe cards kill me! Fluffy Mackerel Pudding....yum.

Take a tour through fascinating old cookbooks and food ads at Lilek's Gallery of regrettable food.

And, along those same lines is Cate's Garage's Food section. The Scandalous food section especially makes me giggle!

This site takes a more international approach to "different" foods and recipes. Some look like mighty fun Halloween ideas, while others are just plain scary.

Speaking of international, here's some Questionable Drinks from far away lands.

For dessert, how's about a cool, refreshing meat shake?

Whew. I need a drink!

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