Monday, October 18, 2004

Il Vicino

Friday Night Jack and I went to Il Vicino in Clayton with Julie & Scott. It's wood oven pizza, and it's delicious. That night it was "bumpin'" (Scott's word of the day!), but we only waited about 10 or 15 minutes to be seated. The setup is different than most restaurants. You order and pay (and tip) at the counter, then you are seated with a number and everything is brought out to you. The service was very good. Julie and Scott said it's even better on slower nights. I got the Da Vinci pizza and Jack got the Testarossa pizza. Julie and Scott both Got House salads and Margherita pizzas. Next time I'll have to get the looked yummy.
Oh, and the girl who took our order gave me a frequent pizza card, and gave me 4 stamps, even tough Julie was payng and had already gotten the 4 stamps! Bonus! Also, Jack and I tried the house beer, which was an amber. I think this may have been Jack's favorite part. We were very impressed with the beer. Complex flavor with a -believe it or not- Hazlenut aftertaste! yum. I'll be researching whether we can buy bottles of it somewhere.
Also, the food was cheap! I think it was about $47 for the 4 of us, including our 2 beers. Looks like I'll be using that frequent customer card!

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