Wednesday, February 20, 2013

kimchee pickled quail eggs

This is almost a non-recipe. I had a bunch of quail eggs... I bought way too many for my crab cake quail egg balls. I hard boiled the lot of them, figuring I would hatch a plan for them soon (see what I did there?!). 

Enter the anti-valentine's day dinner I mentioned last week... how perfect would pickled eggs be for that? So perfect. I lack pickling experience and time, so I had a thought... use something that's already pickled and have the eggs mooch off that liquid. Kimchee is omnipresent in my fridge, and I thought the flavors would be interesting with eggs. 

I am so glad I did this. These little sour spicy eggs were a surprise hit at the party! The hardest part is peeling the tiny shells... after that it barely even counts as work. I supplemented the kimchee's juices with some rice wine vinegar, and added cayenne pepper because I had a milder kimchee. Besides being everyone's favorite new party snack, you can make these into a healthy meat-free bento lunch by serving some of the eggs & kimchee with brown rice and raw cabbage... kind of a deconstructed salad. 

Kimchee Pickled Quail Eggs 
-24 quail eggs, hard boiled
-1.5 cups kimchee
-about 1/2 cup rice wine vinegar
-cayenne pepper to taste 
Chop the kimchee pretty finely. Layer 1/4 of it in the bottom of a tight-sealing jar or container. add 8 of the eggs and cover those with more kimchee, followed by vinegar and a sprinkle of cayenne. continue layering like this until you've used all the ingredients. Seal the container or jar, turn upside down a couple times and put in the fridge. Let marinated at least for 1 day, up to 3 weeks. Serve!

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