Thursday, January 03, 2013

Announcing! 2013: Year of the...

It's time to announce my 2013 theme of the year! What could possibly be better than 2012's Year of the Balls?!

Actually, I couldn't think of anything better... so....drum roll.....

That's right! MORE BALLS (see the whole round-up [PUN TOTALLY INTENDED] of 2012's balls here)! What can I say? There is just way too much left unexplored in the spherical world of balls. I mean, I haven't even tried actual balls... you know, of the testicular variety. Anyway, when your favorite local weatherman and Cajun food truck conspire to tell you to stick with balls, you can't say "no", right? (Hey Glenn... I guess it's Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, eh? EH? buh-dum-ching.)

I mean, I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to balls. I also have a list of ball ideas in a notepad. Not to mention the book my buddy Kelly gave me that sparked this whole thing in the first place. And, not to dwell, but the lack of testicles is bothersome. Also, a search for meatballs on Amazon revealed a whole bunch of ball books and accessories I want to get my ball-rolling little hands on:

So 2013 is Year of MORE Balls. Hopefully it's as fitting a sequel as Meatballs II was. Oh wait.

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Jon said...

I made buffalo chicken balls for the super bowl last year. This year I'm making actual buffalo wings but if a certain person were to bring along some balls of their choosing they wouldn't go amiss... i'm just sayin' :-)