Wednesday, November 21, 2012

dranksgiving - white castle and cocktails?

You might be expecting some delicious Thanksgiving recipe from me. I thought about it... Turkey balls? Sweet potato balls? Turducken balls?!? But thanksgiving is TOMORROW. That doesn't give you much time to try a new recipe. So I thought I would instead contribute to the debauchery of the Wednesday before Thanksgiving... also known as Skanksgiving, or, in this post, Dranksgiving. 

Why White Castle? Because, although I can't stand the stuff, I know it's a favorite option for absorbing copious amounts of cheap booze. Why not take this combo to the next level by actually pairing the food with cocktails? May I present (one of my proudest moments, to be sure) The Unofficial Whiteys Dranksgiving pairing guide. Enjoy? 
Classic White Castle Sliders with a Gibson Martini or Cosmopolitan
The most prominent flavor in these little "belly-bombers" is onion. When pairing cocktails with food, you can either go for a similar flavor, which will highlight the food, or you can choose a contrasting flavor, which will bring out other flavor characteristics but still compliment the food. Match the sliders' flavor with a Gibson Martini and you'll have an onion explosion. Or, contrast it with something sweet and tart, like a Cosmo. The cranberry with the oniony burger will taste like Thanksgiving dinner!
Chicken Rings with Long Island Iced Tea
This one is pretty logical... fried chicken and iced sweet tea is a classic combination!

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks with a Godfather
Besides the Italian connection, these two would make a good pair because the sweet, nutty amaretto would make the creamy cheese an offer it couldn't refuse.

Double Bacon Cheeseburger with a Rusty Nail
Scotch. Bacon. Overall, this pairing is mega-manly! The sweet honey notes from the Drambouie in the Rusty Nail would bring out the savoriness of the bacon. *grunts*
Jalapeno Cheeseburger with a Margarita
Too easy, this one. The Margarita's tangy sweetness would cool your palette a bit after the spicy pepper cheese. You'll be transported to an exotic beach in Mexico... well, maybe more like an overly-stereotyped chain restaurant that has sombreros hanging on all the walls.
Onion Rings with a Cucumber Gin Cooler
Give your mouth a break from the powerful onions with a soothing, yet complementary cucumber drink. 

French Toast Sticks with a Tequila Sunrise
Breakfast. Of. Champions.

Sausage Egg and Cheese Slider with a Bloody Mary
This may seem cliché, but there are possibilities to make it more interesting. Infused liquors are a hot trend these past few years... perhaps you make that bloody mary with some White Castle Sliders-infused vodka? 
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Seriously, have a great thanksgiving, everyone! (and if anyone tries any of these pairings, let me know! I'm quite curious... :) )

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