Wednesday, July 11, 2012

500th post!!

Hi Everybody! Welcome to my 500th IRON STEF POST! WOOO! Let's Celebrate with a Champagne Cocktail, a wee bit of reminiscing and a GIVEAWAY!

First, the booze. Sparkling wine is a must for such occasions! I have created a simple, fun cocktail to say "Cheers" to all my loyal readers. Because you guys are the best! Thanks for reading, commenting, tweeting and hanging out with me! *Clink* 

To make the "500th Iron Stef Bubbly Sweet & Spicy Bubbly Cocktail*" put .5 oz. of ginger liqueur (I am absolutely in love with The Big O) into a champagne flute, drop in 1 canned lychee with a splash of it juice, and top off with a cold dry or semi-sweet sparkling white wine (I don't know a lot about sparkling wines.... I chose this Toad Hollow Risque because there's a dancing frog on the label). Party. *I need a better name for this. see the giveaway details below to help.

 A few posts I wrote about why I blog and what blogging has brought to my life. So instead of another mushy post, I'll just list my 10 favorite Iron Stef recipes ever. It was hard to choose just 10, because I had so much fun making all this food. I feel that the following 10 do the best job of embodying the essence of what I hope describes Iron Stef : delicious, fun and creative.

 Meatloaf cupcakes. So nice, I posted about them twice!

Fennel & Sausage bread pudding. I have since made variations of this savory bread pudding countless times. My mouth is watering.
Nam Tok Beef. What a thrill to finally figure out how to make my favorite Thai restaurant dish!

Sushi Ceviche. A great way to have sushi at parties without much fuss!

Tater Tot Pizza. Yes, I went there. And it was glorious.

Caramelized leek, chanterelle and ricotta tart. It's true. This will get you laid.

Mint Pea ravioli. Spring in a pouch.

Poutine with Bacon Jalapeno Gravy. Poutine is nature's perfect food. Also? Bacon broth.

 Fig Pistachio Goat Cheese spread. A fantastic recipe for all your party and picnic needs. Pretty colors, too!

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with ham and Sage Butter. Dumplings of pure love, you guys.

Now for the giveaway!! You have 2 chances to win this handsome and functional Iron Stef Apron! For chance 1: leave a comment telling me your favorite Iron Stef recipe/post. For chance 2: Leave another comment with a name idea for the cocktail above. I will draw random numbers to choose a winner on July 24, 2012. All comments must be made by July 24 at 5:30 pm in order to be entered.

Thanks again for reading. Cheers!


Kimberly said...

Congrats, Steph!

I think my favorite IronStef recipe would have to be the poutine ... simply genius!

Oh wait ... that Nom Tak Beef salad looks divine ... and then there were your Eggs Jeanette ... oh heck, I love them all!

Congrats again!

Kitchen Riffs said...

500 posts? That's a big deal! Congrats! And your cocktail looks nice. Let's drink to your next 500 posts!

kristan said...

Love your blog.

My kids are excited about the meatloaf cupcakes. I am also going to try the Nom Tok.

By the way, the first job my husband had in the mid 90's was graphic design at Schnucks laying out the weekly circular. He speaks fondly of those days.

Pavlov said...

I can't stand cupcakes, but meatloaf cupcakes are something I could get behind! Congrats on your 500th! Hope you don't mind but I brought along some Jameson to toast with! Cheers!

caryn said...

Hey Lady! Congratulations on your 500th! Quite a milestone. Your photos are amazing and when I saw the tater tot pizza I had to laugh. I'm thinking I could veganize that.... Would make excellent hangover food, no?

Anonymous said...

I really love your site. I have never commented but I would call your drink the Marianne and Ginger.

My fav recipe that I ever tried of yours was the meatloaf cupcakes with mashed potatoes piped on top. My 4 boys (5 if you count hubby) loved it!

Sarah said...

Wow, it's hard to choose a favorite post because I enjoy them all. Amazing to hit 500, congratulations! I have heard of ginger beer but not ginger wine and think that might be a good name for that yummy sounding cocktail.

ironstef said...

gracie-cat, I tried to contact you, but I can't figure out how to glean your e-mail from the comments. I'm dense. Please e-mail me, Congrats!!! You won! :)