Wednesday, October 12, 2011

fennel & bacon pizza

I was craving pizza ALL DANG DAY yesterday. So when it came time to head home and make dinner, guess what I made? Pizza. Due to lack of planning (okay, laziness and hunger.... you got me) I used a store-bought fresh dough and sauce. How does this qualify as a blog-worthy post? I'll tell you... I was quite excited about my toppings choice. Fennel and Bacon. 2 of my favorite things (see the list of links below for proof).

I simply cooked bacon pieces (about 3 strips), set them aside, cooked sliced fennel in the bacon grease, and topped my pizza with it. You should do this. It's a fast, yet soul-satisfying and interesting weeknight dinner. And, yeah, my pizza was a rectangle. I seem to lack a proper pizza pan, and had to use a cookie sheet.

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Anonymous said...

That's a good idea, ironstef. It may give people a little heartburn, but it sounds... fragrant. :)