Friday, July 08, 2011

Roving I-ron Stef

Photo From My Roving I travel blog.

I have no recipe for you this week... it happens sometimes. I have been busy posting elsewhere on these interwebs, though.

The photo above was taken by my friend Scott, who is married to my friend Julie, who recently started an AWESOME travel blog called "My Roving I." Scott and Julie are my heroes when it comes to travel. They take very interesting trips. You should read her blog for fabulous photos, great travel tips, and to learn about great destinations. In the past month or so I've been doing guest posts for her, all about my fair city of St. Louis. 3 so far, and there are bound to be more:

St. Louis' most extreme eating challenges

Italy via St. Louis

St. Louis As Seen on TV

Past travel posts from Iron Stef & Food Blog Mafia: Maryland Eats, Mid-South Roadtrip, Gastronomic Galesburg.

And as always, you can check out my other blogs, Skank Ham and Daydream Believer. Speaking of traveling and adventure, I recently introduced Knuckles Handerson on Daydream Believer and twitter. He is my constant travel companion... I'm kind of attached to him :).

Also, my buddy from Every Little Thing blog made my Minty Pea Ravioli and posted about it. Thanks for the kind words, Stacey! You might remember I made her Baked shrimp a little while back. Yay for blog recipe trading!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer full of food and adventure!


Every Little Thing said...

Thanks for the mention! And I love your STL-themed guest blogs!

Jules8 said...

Thanks for the nice plug, Steph! And the guest posts are awesome. Thanks so much!