Monday, April 18, 2011

iron stef dinner at table three

As I mentioned in this post about the mussel recipe from Table Three restaurant, when I won the RFT web award, my very good friends John and Cathy (T3's chef and Maitre De) offered to have an Iron Stef - inspired dinner at the restaurant. This happened last week, and it was GLORIOUS. I sat down with them a month or so before to discuss the menu... all of the courses were based on some of my favorite posts from this here blog. Chef John put his own touch on everything, of course, because he is the chef. Everything was wonderful! What a great evening of friends and food! And wine, duh. Here's what we ate...

The specials menu... everyone who ate there found this tucked into the regular menu. People could order from it ala carte, or, like me and a few of my friends, get the whole 4 course shebang!

The Amuse-bouche was a miniature lamb cupcake in a potato "wrapper" with goat cheese mashed potato "frosting." Based on the infamous mini meatloaf cupcakes and the OG meatloaf cupcakes. These were a hit. Everyone wanted more of them and bigger ones. A fun little tease of food to get everyone excited about the rest!

The next course was a ceviche with Asian flavors, based on my Sushi Ceviche. I love the stacks with fried wonton skins!

Scallops, tuna, shrimp... and more! Fancy!

Next was a salad with bacon lardons and a poached egg. I wanted something with a runny-yolked egg involved to represent my logo. I had a salad like this when I went to a demo by Michael Ruhlman (where I got to MEET HIM. EEK! :) ).

Yolk. One of the most gorgeous substances on earth.

The main course was roasted chicken (one of my most cooked, most favorite things to cook) with a side of fennel bread pudding. I have a thing for fennel bread puddings. John really did it justice. Nom.

Dessert was the only thing not based on a post. I don't make a lot of desserts, so I told John and Cathy I had been craving Ben & Jerry's Chubby Hubby Ice cream (now named "Hubby Hubby in support of gay marriage... how awesome is that?!?!). Could they make something like that? Holy wow did they come through with that request. Meet the "peanut butter, pretzel, malt, caramel, fudge ice cream bomb." Bomb, y'all. It's serious.

People went nuts over this, and it may make regular appearances on the Table Three menu. Yes, yes. it was da bomb, indeed.

Speaking of the bomb, these are my friends who dined with me (minus Kelly who left earlier because she had to teach in the morning). I love them all! Thanks, guys! And thank you John & Cathy and Table Three! I am not worthy, but I am so glad this happened :)


Every Little Thing said...

Wow girl, it looks amazing! You deserved it. I'm so sad I couldn't make it. I hope we get to hang out again soon!

KBO said...

Wow! I couldn't make it, but that meat cupcake is adorable!

Lucy@The Sweet Touch said...

This meal looks amazing! I can't decide on my favorite, they all look tasty! Thank you for sharing!

Petreceri Private said...

Oh my god how it looks, very very nice and i am sure it tastes delicious. I wish to eat in a restaurant like that...