Thursday, September 16, 2010

bruise salad

Tonight was a big night for me and my fellow roller derby newbies. We've been practicing for more than a month in our yellow shirts. Yellow shirts mean that we are not allowed to hit or be hit by the more experienced derby girls. Yellow is safety. But tonight, one of the league's best blockers lined us up single-file and clobbered us in order to see if we could take hits and fall safely. And you know what? We are now out of the yellow shirts! My dinner is a nod to all the future bruising I am sure to get now that people will be pushing me around more. Derby girls wear bruises with pride... a little rainbow of blues, purples and blacks that says "I am a bad ass."

For my "Bruise Salad," I basically tried to find as many black, blue and purple foods as I could. Red bibb lettuce, radicchio, purple potatoes, black beans, black olives, beets, and, of course, blue cheese. It is simply dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and plenty of BLACK pepper. It's a fun salad, and it was really good! For one, I love the combo of beets and blue cheese. And potatoes on a salad? I should do that more often.

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