Wednesday, September 02, 2009

more fun with colors....violet verde salsa

In my last post I confessed my weakness for color when shopping at the farmers' market. I am also a fan of anything salsa-related... especially tomatillos. So when I saw PURPLE tomatillos... well my insides got a bit tingly. Purple and green has long been one of my favorite color combinations, and here it was in one of my favorite foods. Gorgeous. So I made a purple and green salsa. Of course I did. I have been asked if I have salsa recipes. I must tell you... no. Salsa is something I do not use a recipe for. I also know a lot of people cook their salsa. I do not. I like my salsa fresh, a bit tart, quite spicy and garlicy. That's my end goal... recipe or no.

Last time I made salsa, I used a food processor, for the speed and ease, mainly. These purple tomatillos were too pretty to be pulsed into oblivion by those spinning blades, so I shopped everything by hand, to make a chunkier, pico de gallo-like salsa. I don't think you should need a recipe, but here is what was in this particular salsa (it was too spicy at first, which is why I added more tomatoes there at the end...luckily I found some purpleish red and greenish-yellow cherry tomatoes that enhanced my color theme):

1.5ish lbs. tomatillos, chopped
2 jalepenos, finely chopped
1 hot banana pepper, finely chopped
1 small red onion, finely choppped
4 cloves garlic, minced
juice of 1 lime
handful of cilantro, sinely chopped
salt, pepper
couple good pinches of sugar
handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered

This salsa is fantastic on eggs. I also used it to make a lovely Nacho dinner one night... chips made by baking corn tortillas, shredded cheese melted onto the chips in the oven, canned black beans flavored with a bit of cilantro, Mexican oregano, and crushed red pepper, and of course, LOTS of the "violet verde salsa."


Steph said...

I've been looking for a good salsa recipe! Thanks! You got anymore to share with us?

Doniree said...

I'm also a sucker for vivid and bright colors when I shop the farmers markets! This salsa looks great, by the way!

Mandy said...

Oh, I love salsa so much. I eat salsa and go through it like water, or something of that sort. And I love salsa with HEAT! Delicious peppers to make it hotter. The first and time I made salsa, however, I suffered a case of Jalapeno Burn... terrible, terrible feeling!

I never thought of using tomatillos. Thanks for the fresh suggestion!!

AMV said...

I want to go to that.