Friday, March 06, 2009

ginger chicken, a twitter-inspired dinner

You're familiar with the Twitter phenomenon, no? Everybody's doing it! Congress, even! I, of course am HOOKED. Small tidbits of usually mundane thoughts from people all over the globe, at my fingertips. Did I say mundane? Oh, but Twitter can be very helpful as well! For instance, yesterday, Mark Bittman twittered a link to his Ginger Chicken recipe, and BOOM, I knew what I was having for dinner! And Ohhhh...what a yummy dinner. I love ginger, but was still fearfull of the 1/2 pound the recipe calls for. That's a LOT of ginger, but I should have never doubted Bittman. The ginger mellows when cooked with the chicken. I could eat just the ginger as a side dish. In fact, I wish I'd put more in! Beautiful, cheap, and easy. So, thanks, twitter!

Here is a big bad list of food-related twitterers. I know there are more out there...Comment and tell me if you know of any!!

bittman-Mark Bittman
nytimesbitten-Bittman's NYT Bitten Blog
ruhlman- Michael Ruhlman!
ruthreichl-Ruth Reichl of Gourmet
steamykitchen-One of my favorite bloggers, Jaden
MarthaStewart-Martha! Gotta love her.
Gachatz-Grant Achatz of Alinea
CarolBlymire-Carol Blymire of Alinea at Home
cpkimball-Christopher Kimball of Cook's Illustrated
ManvFood-Man Vs. Food, the show on the Travel Channel
nytimesdining-New York Times Dining section
davidleite-David Leite of Leite's Culinaria
KitchenParade-Alanna of Kitchen Parade and A Veggie Venture
notmartha-another favorite blog of mine
seriouseats-Serious Eats
edlevine-Ed Levine, writer for Serious Eats
cupcakeproject-My pal Stef from the Cupcake Project
ljc-Jennifer from LJC blog
chezpim-Pim of the blog Chez Pim
clotildenet-Clotide from Chocolate & Zucchini
megnut-Meg of megnut
davidlebovitz-David Lebovitz-yummy dessert blogger
barbaricgulp-another pal, Kelly of Sounding My Barbaric Gulp
simplyrecipes-Elise of Simply Recipes
amateurgourmet-Adam, the Amateur Gourmet
ironstef-Last but not least....ME!!!!

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KELLY said...

Thanks for the mention!

BTW, Wednesday night ritual has officially begun, and you are welcome any time!