Sunday, October 05, 2008

roasted veggie bruschetta

Around here, we've been attempting to eat more vegetables. One of our favorite things to do for dinner is bruschetta. Because there is crusty bread involved. And it goes well with wine ;)

Tonight I made some bruschetta using roasted veggies. I love roasting vegetables. It's one of my favorite things about cooler weather. The sweetness and depth that roasting imparts into food is so comforting, and takes very little effort.

To make this particular bruschetta, chop up half a red onion and 3 medium zucchinis into large bite-size pieces, add in a carton of cremini mushrooms (also called baby bellas...cut large ones in half), a carton of grape tomatoes, and about 8 or 9 garlic cloves, toss with olive oil, dried thyme, dried sweet basil, salt and pepper, and roast in a 375F oven for about 45 minutes...stirring a couple times throughout, and draining some of the liquid about halfway through. Once the veggies are nice and roasted...that is with plenty of caramelized edges...let them cool for about 20 minutes, then chop them up. Splash in some good sweet balsamic vinegar, taste and adjust seasoning. Toast some sliced bread in the oven. Once nicely browned, remove the toasts and rub one side with a clove of fresh garlic. Sprinkle with olive oil, top with the roasted veg topping, and give them a dusting of Pecorino Romano cheese. These go good with kalamata olives...So I bet you could even add some chopped kalamata to the topping.

That's it. Yes, I eat this for dinner, but it would make a good party appetizer as well. Although, be careful to serve them ASAP, because you don't want your toasts to get soggy.


Anonymous said...

Oh man this looks great! What a nice alternative to the traditional bruschetta.

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

what a great bruschetta topping idea. Those little mushrooms look delish.

Anonymous said...

Looks fantastic--great idea for bruschetta!