Wednesday, May 28, 2008

deep fried pickles? YES!

Dearest Internets,
Want to take a darn tasty BBQ pork sandwich and elevate it to a crazy level? Add DEEP FRIED PICKLES. Really! Do it! drain some hamburger dill slices, dry 'em off with paper towels, dredge them in flour, then dip them in a batter made from 1 cup flour, 1 Tablespoon baking powder and a light-bodied beer. Fry them until they are GBD (Sorry...that's Alton Brown speak...Golden Brown Delicious), and kaboom! They're excellent just as munchies, too, of course, however, like I said, ours went on BBQ pork sandwiches. Jack made them from pork steaks (slices of pork butt for those not familiar with this St. Louis cut of pork), grilled then sliced thin and tossed in a homemade raspberry BBQ sauce. Sweet, spicy, fatty...the pickles add salty, crunchy, and a bit of sour. CHOMP!

You're welcome,
iron stef

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Ali said...

awesome! we're a big fan of fried pickles at my house. This is gonna go on the summer food roster. :)

Anonymous said...

ah yes...the elusive fried pickle. so easy to do it wrong. looks like you have a good recipe. I actually prefer them in spears when fried. Katz's Deli in Austin was my favorite fried pickle spot. I actually haven't eaten them anywhere else. But if someone made some for me I wouldn't refuse.

Anonymous said...

I saw this for the first time a few weeks ago on TV. I'll have to give a try!

Anonymous said...

That looks like pure heaven!

Leslie said...

I think I have died and gone to heaven!

MamaPhunk said...

Hot fried pickles and cold beer is super, super delicious.

I had them at some restaurant, except they were little pickle medallions. Mmmmmm. Goooood.

I hate bread & butter pickles though.

Anonymous said...

i am seriously going to need the Raspberry BBQ sauce recipe!
it sounds so good!

i love deep fried pickles... so southern it hurts.

ironstef said...

ali-same here!

cheesemongerswife- Jack just made the recipe up right there on the spot. I'm pretty sure it's based of tempura, what with the beer and the thin-ness. I don't know how many places here in the lou have fried pickles...I know O'Leary's in Sunset Hills does...never tried them though. We went in there to try them a few weeks ago, but left promptly because it was karaoke night and it seemed to be the kind of karaoke here people took themselves too seriously and thought they were the next nashville star or something, which is obnoxious.

chuck- it's pretty crazy! try's easy.

julie- yup. pretty much.

leslie- there better be pork and fried pickles in heaven, otherwise I gotta start sinnin some more.

mamaphunk - we should get together for fried pickles and beer sometime. your place. we're too messy. :)

mckenzie-I'll have to try and get Jack to spill his sauce secrets. I don't know if he kept track of all the ingredients or not. I know the base was tomato sauce and seedless raspberry jam...He's kind of a sauce magician...I'll see if he can formulate a recipe.

Anonymous said...

pulled pork is a thing of the utmost beauty. why mar it with fried pickles? because i can't lie, the idea of a fried pickle makes me throw up in my mouth a little. but then, i've always thought of pickles as good cucumbers ruined.

Yvo Sin said...

*breathes slowly through mouth* Holy badoongies*... that looks so good. I've never seen fried pickles and I want these now!

*I make up words/sounds when I'm excited.

test it comm said...

Deep fried pickles sound so good!!

gal writer said...

I love the fried pickles, got hooked on them in college. They're perfect with beer batter, but I find it hard to resist slicing up a sweet onion and throwing in some pepperoncini if I've got the batter made up.

And I swear to you, I'm not a brand wh*re or anything, but vlasic ovals are the BEST for frying. Nice thick body, good flavor and the ultimate surface fried goodness to interior pickle ratio. Trust me, I've been hunting the perfect pickle for frying for a while.

Anonymous said...

The tempura batter is great. The ones in TX have a cornmeal/seasoned flour thing going on. DB's in Soulard (yes, the disgusting sports bar with hookers for bartenders) makes good fried pickles but i haven't been there in ages. Don't know of any others than those 2.

Lisa (Show Me Vegan) said...

Those look perfectly GBD!

Kimberly said...

Oh my goodness ... that sandwich looks amazing!

I have a deep fondness for deep fried pickles ... can't wait to try your recipe!

Anonymous said...

stopped into Llywellyn's for a pint of Magners yesterday and spotted deep fried pickles on the we had to get them. They were decent. Spears in a beer batter...GBD. The sauce that came with them was a tangy dill. I liked it.