Friday, June 22, 2007

They're Baaaaack! Carnivore Cupcakes part deux-The Minis

Yup, I made meatloaf cupcakes again. They were requested for poker night. This time I made mini meatloaf cupcakes. So cute! I used the same recipe as before, but this time I cooked them in a mini muffin tin:

Also, this time I used REAL POTATOES for the frosting, since people threatened me with legal action for using the boxed junk :)
A couple months ago I nabbed this ancient food mill from a church rummage sale, which worked perfectly for making my desired lump-free mashed potatoes:

Potatoes after food mill:

So you can get an idea of the mini-size, here's me holding one:

I don't have much to add...these were pretty much the same as last time. So, here's just a couple more beauty shots:

Also, my last batch made it to the Meatcake gallery! Yay! Check out all the glorious meatcakes.

And if that's a little overwhelming for you in the meat department, check out My Paper Crane's super-cute vegan meatloaf cupcakes.


Unknown said...

this is so fun. if i ever get the guts to have a dinner party, i'd attempt this

Stef said...

Those are awesome!!

Btw.. love your blog name (being a Stef myself).

Anonymous said...

These are brilliant! I think cupcakes are so beautiful, and you've taken it one step furthur. We can eat cupcakes for dinner now!

Love it!!!!!
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Jessica said...

How CUTE! What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh what fun! But how do you resist putting fresh jalapeno on top, especially for poker night?! I think I might have to make these. :) Stormysu