Monday, March 05, 2007

Non-Food TV Food shows, Installment 1

Goodness knows I watch my fair share of the Food Network. I love my Alton Brown and my Nigella and, of course, Iron Chef. But there's way more channels out there. And food shows aren't limited to the Food Network. In fact there are some really good shows on other networks.

The Travel Channel is a great place to find neat shows to broaden your food knowledge. One of my favorites is Taste of America with Mark DeCarlo. Mark travels all over the United States sampling and exploring local customs, foods and people. He's a stand-up comedian, and I really enjoy his sometimes-naughty sense of humor. And if he looks familiar but you can't quite place it, maybe you remember him from that early 90's dating show "Studs."

It's really a feel-good show. A look at the heart of America...unpretentious, happy people keeping traditions alive and making new memories through food. I could watch this show all day long. It's fun! The site has recipes. Here's some that I might try:
lavender marinated grilled shrimp.
Thomas Jefferson biscuits.
Grandma Thomas' Beans. Serves 200!!
Chicken Booyah. BOOYAH!!! (I just like the name)
Hot Brown Sandwiches. (Again, love the name)

Oh, that reminds me, Mark pronounces Sandwiches "Sangwiches." I hear it's a New York Italian thing? And here is a mini interview and a favorite recipe of Mark's. Meanwhile, a whole website about famous people's favorite foods? That'll entertain me for a while.

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