Friday, January 06, 2006


One of my little New Year's resolutions is to update this here blog more often!! What i've decided to do is not try and focus on making long posts or posts with lots of related links. Instead, I'll update whenever I have a food moment, food find, new recipe, fun link or just random food thoughts.

I'll start with two things.


Kelly gave me some peanut ginger chews (made by the Ginger People), and they are my new favorite treat. They have a nice soft and smooth but substantial texture, and the taste...oh the taste. First it's peanut buttery, then the ginger kicks in, and it's very strong. And at the end your mouth is burning and all is well.


How to order wine at a restaraunt without looking like an asshole. Kind of angry (what do you expect from a blog called "Waiter Rant?" but some very good points, nonetheless.

see? that wasn't so hard. yeah, I can do this :)

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