Monday, February 14, 2005

a yummy history lesson

Struggle In a Bungalow Kitchen pointed to this website, which offers historical dinner party packages. I thought it was a neat idea, and then decided the theme for today will be old old old old OLD skool eats.

Some medieval recipes.

Medieval food clip art...this could come in handy.

Medieval mustard.

Tea from the Tea-Garden to the Teacup with Twenty Illustrations. neat!

A little bit on food and sex throughout history.

The history of pie. Wowsers!

A food history/food events calendar. For instance, This day in food history...

"It was not the first cookbook printed in America but was the first written by an American for Americans. All earlier American cookery imprints were reprints from the British repertoire. " And you can see pictures of it's pages here.

The food timeline is a wonderful food resource...both for food history and recipes.

And if you still want more, there's a plethora of food history books out there.

Loosen your petticoats and dig in! Old cheese, old meat, old bread...mmmm...

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