Friday, July 27, 2007

ice cream preparedness

I ordered this little guy a couple days ago, and in anticipation of his arrival I have been gathering lots and lots of ice cream recipes to try. I'm very excited about having an ice cream maker. We had one when I was a was one of those old-skool wooden bucket ones where you had to continually turn a crank and add ice and rock salt. The results were unbelievably delicious, but we rarely made ice cream because of all the labor involved. Now I can make it often thanks to modern technology! Woo! I had better get more frozen yogurt and sorbet recipes, though, or all my clothes will get too small. Here's the recipes that have caught my interest so far:

Tiramisu ice cream via desert candy

The Kitchen's mint chocolate chip ice cream

Delicious Days' ice cream showdown: Blueberry frozen yogurt vs. white choclate & lime addiction...they both look like winners to me!

Brooklyn Chocolate Stout Ice Cream and Spiced Oatmeal Cake

Toasted coconut ice cream!!

Maison du Miel's Heather Honey Ice Cream Recipe thanks to 101 cookbooks

a frozen yogurt recipe to rival pinkberrys recipe-again from 101 cookbooks. I've never had pinkberry's, but this sounds yummy.

Red bean ice cream from CHOW...for sushi nights!

"Uneven Pavement Ice Cream" from my husband cooks. Cashews, crunchy toffee, marshmallow creme...goodness gracious!!

Have you seen the Pepto Bismol Ice Cream and the Mylanta Mint chocolate chip ice cream? Yikes! Though, both writers said the results were suprisingly tasty...hmmmm..

Ginger Ice cream and Thomas Jefferson's Vanilla Ice Cream, both from Slashfood.

Orange Chilli Ricotta frozen yogurt from Jada's Steamy Kitchen. I bookmarked this on my a while back.

Peppercorn icecream from foodgoat.

Coconut Avocado ice cream. Two of my favorite fruits in one!

I can't find a recipe, but a couple of years ago Isaac Mizrahi went to a make your own ice cream flavor place and he made strawberry balsamic vinegar ice cream! It sounded so good to me. I would just use a basic vanilla ice cream base, and add something like this recipe to it, I suppose.

Can you tell I'm sooo excited about this new gadget? Feel free to share your favorite ice cream flavor or recipe in the comments!

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